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Prince of Persia

There are only few games that are really inspire you to do something in life. One of those games for me was Prince of Persia. When i started playing the Sands of time & warrior within series back in 2004, it literally blew my mind with the kind of experience it offered.

Six years later when I doing my engineering, I made up my mind to go and work for a company made that game. I started as a tester with engineering background and struggled to get into game design. A year later, I am working with Ubisoft Mobile to bring Prince of Persia series to mobile.

2 years of blood sweat and tears went into making this amazing plat-former. It received may awards from local game develops conferences including People's choice game of the Year.

Here are some picture of the team.

The Team!
First game, First GOTY!
Featured in Google Nexus reveal event.

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