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Visit to PopCap Studio & PAX West

Perks of working at EA is that you get to collaborate on projects and studio around the world. Currently working on Bejeweled franchise earned me the opportunity to visit PopCap Studios in downtown Seattle & meet fellow developers.

SEATTLE Game Dev Scene

Aside from the local Indie dev community, there's plenty of big and small developers around Seattle including Amazon games & Valve Software (one of my favorite game developers).

Lastly PAX West, swarming downtown with thousands of cosplaying fans and swallowing some 6 or 7 buildings alone.

Seattle has definitely been one of the most beautiful cities with many diverse things to see and do. Many cool cafes and bars to hang out and work from, general embrace and acceptance of all forms of geekery, Liberal politics (if that's your cup of tea) & home to several big tech and gaming conferences, expos, and art exhibits.

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